2014 – an overview…and 2015

Now we are in 2015, I feel as if a few reflections on the theatrical year of 2014 are in order. I’ve never had a year of such a wide variety of theatrical experiences. I feel ready to push on with the world of NEWK, a new drama entitled ‘All The Things She Gave Me’ and a commissioned playwriting job for Monash University. 2014 delivered three new works: a site-specific, historical play in the south-western NSW town of Narrandera, a community devised production with the fantastic ESL group from Mordialloc Neighbourhood House and a mad and outrageous comedy for Caroline Ferguson – Narelle Macdonald – which had its debut season in North Melbourne @ Club Voltaire. From 2012, Sons of Sun had two great nights at the Sydney Opera House Studio while The Les Robinson Story in its third season at The Old Fitzroy was a big artistic and critical success. Theatre jolts me, surprises and causes sleepless nights. It is exhilarating when things click.

‘Don’t write for the reward. The work is the reward.’ – Edmund Wilson

‘Stay textcentric’ – Gregory Day

I’ve found that the only way to make theatre that gets the audience thinking is when I feel uncomfortable making it.’ – Young Jean Lee