The Giraffe’s Uncle (The Les Robinson Story)

Above is the promo trailer for The Giraffe’s Uncle (The Les Robinson Story)

The Giraffe’s Uncle (The Les Robinson Story) tells the tale of the eccentric Sydney bohemian writer, Les Robinson (1886 – 1968). Starring Martin Portus, directed by Ron Hadley and with song accompaniment by Darryl Emmerson and Matt Thompson, the play had three successful seasons and much critical acclaim at The Newtown Theatre, Sydney (2011), La Mama, Melbourne (2013) and The Old Fitzroy Theatre, Sydney (2014).

Currently, the work is being submitted to festivals overseas. An Adelaide season has also been planned for a later date.

Major reviews of the play in the Sydney Morning Herald (2011) and The Age (2013) can be found in the PRESS section of this site.

The link below will lead to a number of  other reviews of the play


‘Robinson will find more readers in 1993 than 1933’ – Kenneth Slessor


Below: Martin Portus as Les Robinson   Photograph: Cynthia Scibberas

The Giraffe's Uncle