The Truth Is Longer Than A Lie

The Truth is Longer Than a Lie is a play available for both live performances and in book form. The play is published by Black Pepper Press. To purchase, please go to the link below. Also see below for a synopsis. Please email for bookings.

2021 DATES

Thursday July 1st 6.30pm @ Encore Theatre, Clayton, Melbourne

Please book from the link below:

Thursday July 8th 11am @ City of Kingston Council Offices, Nepean Hwy, Cheltenham, Melbourne (TBC)


                 The Truth Is Longer Than A Lie by Kieran Carroll

The Truth Is Longer Than A Lie began as a PHD research study and non-fiction book (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, 2006) by Melbourne-based academics Neerosh Mudaly and Chris Goddard investigating children’s experiences of domestic family abuse and the subsequent professional intervention methods currently practised. A difficult, but crucial subject, the book has been adapted into a full-length play by Melbourne-based playwright, Kieran Carroll.

The play utilizes not only the extensive research but also concentrates on the direct quotes of child victims used throughout. The voices of these children and two stories in particular: one of an upper middle class girl, and one of an outer suburban, disenfranchised boy form the basis of the play.

Amy has been abused by her father, Ben, since she was three. He is not the only abuser, however. Amy’s mother, Andrea, lives in complete denial of the situation that also involves her son and a fleeting lover when Amy was six. Finally, at seventeen, Amy confesses fully to a school counsellor and the repercussions within the family are dire as the authorities move in and Andrea continues to deny that any such thing has taken place in their materially rich, but emotionally dishonest world.

Paula has been in an on again-off again relationship with Rod for a number of years. Physically violent towards her and both physically and sexually violent towards her son, Matthew/Spiderman, their lives separate once again when a policeman shoots Rod in the abdomen after a violent domestic dispute. This event gives Paula the chance to move away again, receive help, and finally aid and acknowledge her son’s severe trauma and behavioural problems stemming from years of abuse.

Two very different families are deeply portrayed in The Truth is Longer Than a Lie to show child abuse as a hidden and endless problem across all strands of society. In the latter half of the play via counselling, police protection, out of home care, animal therapy, a child’s sense of play and the listening skills of professionals, some hope arrives for both Amy and Spiderman with the greatest hope being that the two kids met each other.